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Popularize the use of insoles, various insoles on themarket.
How to distinguish between valid and invalid?

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The popularity of insole use, Amber Chourasia, Hygiene and Wellness-Related Research Analyst at Technavio, said: “Consumers are more concerned about a healthy lifestyle because these consumers use insoles even in their daily activities, such as work, sports, walking, etc. In addition, , many athletes also use insoles during events or training.”
At present, the price of functional insoles advertised in the Taiwan market ranges from one hundred yuan to ten thousand yuan.

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effective pair of insoles: one-time consumption for lifetime use !

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According to data from the Central Health Insurance Bureau, nearly 20,000 patients in Taiwan receive artificial knee and hip replacements every year.

In the next 20 years, the demand for artificial hip replacements will increase by 1.7 times, and the demand for artificial knee replacements will increase by 6.7 times.
Currently, under the “remuneration system for sickness” in Taiwan, the average cost is about 200,000 New Taiwan Dollor.

Therefore, choose a pair of effective insoles to keep your feet healthy and avoid foot troubles and high-risk surgeries.

The above information and data sources: Jet Crown International Co., Ltd. and Dr. Wei Hongwen, a medical engineer from Yangming University, jointly market research.
Reference: TechNavio UK is a large technology research consultancy with multinational activities.