Many people have foot problems that directly their normal life habbit, their legs are not straight enough, O-shaped legs, X-shaped legs, K-shaped legs or mistaken of Leg length discrepancy, etc. 😮‍💨
In fact, the most basic problem is from our feet
Feet and knees are subjected to 1-7 times the gravity and pressure of our body weight every day.
When it is too heavy, continuous work, exercise or walking, running and jumping will easily cause muscle damage and bone dislocation due to poor posture.
Some people may suffer from overworked injuries such as hunched backs, high and low shoulders, and unilateral support.
What's causing it? The somple way to said is the foundation is not stable enough (the foot base of both feet is unstable)!
Just like the concept of architecture, if the foundation is stable, the whole building will be as stable as Mountain.
A pair of effective insoles is like a stable foundation, which can make the limbs return to position, gait is straightened, and the limbs are stabilized. Like the SRC steel structure, it strengthens the bones of the foot and disperses the force, effectively stabilizes the limbs and saves effort, and absorbs shock and partial pressure., rebound to helps walk effortless.
A perfect and correct posture starts with a steady feet👍 Health starts with a single step